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Training courses
Life in Bel Air High School & College
The wine estate

Either through an academic or a vocational way, the Bel-Air High school and further education college provides a general and professional education (wine-making, trade, etc...) from 8th grade to HND (2 years after high school diploma). Work placements, study tours, tutoring are led by a dynamic team.

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A new boarding school receiving up to 130 students, Bel-Air High School and college provides many extra-curricular activities. There is a students' association dealing with all the cultural and sports activities.

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The wine estate of Bel-Air is the ideal material for training students of all levels. From pruning to harvesting through all the vine works , not forgetting oenology and the marketing side.

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Contact Bel Air
  Bel Air High Shcool & College
394 route Henry-Fessy
69220 St Jean d'Ardières - France

: 00(33)
Fax: 00(33)
E-maill : epl.belleville@educagri.fr

Principal : Claudine Roucayrol
Deputy principal : Véronique Le-Guen
Account manager : Sophie Ripoche
Education adviser : Gaëlle Fabbri
Estate manager : Simon Pérot
Head of vocational training : Véronique Le-Guen
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