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||| Vocational sandwich courses at Bel-Air

This is a training system in which the students are alternately working at their work experience provider's and studying at school. It is aimed at any trainee from 18 to 25 wishing to acquire general and technological skills as well as a professional qualification either after high school or college or even after a working period.

The trainee

For the length of his contract, he(she) will be working for the employer(WEP)and alternately be following the courses of the training center (vocational school). As a trainee, he(she) will be able to achieve all the vineyard and winery tasks under the supervision of his(her) WEP..

. The WEP (work experience provider)

Any private employer may sign a work placement contract provided he has the required level of qualification or a strong professional experience. He agrees to organize the work placement and certifies that the techniques used and the working conditions allow adequate training. He agrees to lead the trainee along the whole training period (2 years)for which he signed and to fulfill the 5 functions falling to the tutor: Reception of the trainee, transmission of knowledge and know-how, follow-up, assessment and links with the teaching team.

The vocational courses

BP (High school diploma) in wine studies
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BTSA (HND) viticulture oenology
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BTSA (HND) in wine and spirit trade
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CAPA (professional certificate) in viticulture

European mobility

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