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A first class educational tool in the heart of Beaujolais

A team
Turned towards wine-making and wine business, the team attends the students in their professional explorations. It's composed of: An estate manager and three staff members (a sales assistant, a farm technician and a vine-worker.)

A specialized work tool
. A 14.5 Ha vineyard located on 4 "appellation" areas: Beaujolais Brouilly, Morgon, Moulin à vent, where the students can practice all the vine-works from pruning to grape-picking.
. A wine-making and conditioning tool: vat-room, barrel cellar, bottling line, etc..
. A marketing structure combining sale in bulk to a nearby co-op and in bottles to private customers and wine shops.
. A secure farm equipment allowing the students to practice machinery operation.
. A reception hall regularly used as a short-lived point of sale by our technical sale students.
. A farm workshop where the students learn how to maintain the farm equipment.
. A laboratory with a mini-vatroom where the wine students can follow their own "cuvée" from A to Z.
. A tasting room fully equipped for an initiation to wine-tasting in the best conditions.

A reputed wine range
. "Château de Bel Air", our traditional range: Beaujolais nouveau, red Beaujolais, white Beaujolais, rosé, Brouilly, Morgon, Moulin à Vent.
. "Comtesse noire", our oaked wine range : red and white Beaujolais, Brouilly, Morgon, Moulin à Vent
. "Chic and trendy": Our range of eccentric products in Beaujolais: organic red Beaujolais, grape juice, white IGP "Comtés Rhodaniens" ( Marsanne/Roussane), sparkling rosé, sparkling white (Crémant de Bourgogne.

An agent to the development of Beaujolais
. Meeting rooms for professional lectures.
. Involvement in local and national professional events.

Our latest accolades
. Gold medal at the2017 " vignerons indépendants" contest for our Brouilly "Château de Bel Air" 2015
. Bronze medal at the 2017 "Vins de Mâcon" contest for our Brouilly "Château de Bel Air 2014.
. One star in the 2018 "Guide Hachette" for our white Beaujolais "Comtesse noire, Amandes grillées"2015

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Contact Bel Air
  Bel Air High Shcool & College
394 route Henry-Fessy
69220 St Jean d'Ardières - France

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Fax: 00(33)
E-maill : epl.belleville@educagri.fr

Principal : Claudine Roucayrol
Deputy principal : Véronique Le-Guen
Account manager : Sophie Ripoche
Education adviser : Gaëlle Fabbri
Estate manager : Simon Pérot
Head of vocational training : Véronique Le-Guen
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